SIECK has a long-standing tradition in Bayreuth. The company was founded in 1875 by the leather tanner Carl Sieck. The company’s business was centred on selling shoemaking machines and leather to Silesia and Thuringia in Eastern Germany. After 1945 the company began dealing in second-hand shoemaking machines and machines for the production of leather goods. Almost all the machines are repaired, overhauled and repainted in our workshop, here in Bayreuth, by our own skilled mechanics according to the individual specifications of our customers. Following the relocation of many production plants abroad, a new worldwide business opportunity opened up for us: the exporting and importing of second-hand machines and brand new sewing machines. 

We are dealing machinery in the following industries

apparel industry, automotive interior, automotive production, automotive saddlery, belts, designer, die cutting, equestrian sport, footwear industry, footwear makers, fur processing, furniture industry, harness makers, interior decorator, laboratory,leathergoods, leather processing, luggage industry, medical products, orthopedics industry, packaging industry, riding equipment, saddle makers, sample collections, sample makers, sealings, shoe industry, shoe makers, shoe repairing stores, shoe upper maker, textile processing, toys, upholstery industry.

useable for the following materials

aluminum foil, artificial leather, artificial materials, bands, belts, bonded leather, cardboard ,carpets, cork, fabrics, felt, felting, fleece, foam, foils, gasket industry, leather, medical materials, package, paper, rubber, sealing industry, straps, textiles, veneer, wood,  a.s.o.

We are talking about the following machines:


application of fullness, arm typ sewing, chain stitch sewing, cording seams, edge sewing, edge trimming,  flat bed , gathering, gloves sewing, ,heel seams, high post, high speed sewing, lining trimming,  lock stitch sewing, luggage sewing, mocassin sewing, overlock sewing,  post bed sewing, saddlery sewing, single needle, strobel type sewing, two needle sewing, zig zag sewing.


beam cutting, belt cutting, clicking press, foot lever cutting, hydraulic press, large area cutting, roller cutting, swing arm cutting, travelling head cutting, with fix head, ,with receeding head, with reverse moveable head.


band cutting machines, roll cutting machine aso ,strap cutting machines.


band knife splitting, fixed knife splitting, profil splitting.


bell knife skiving , hand driven skiving machine, multiple skiving, simple skiving machine, Single-Scarf Leather Skiving Machine, with built in clutch,  with electronic feeding device, with suction device.


blind embossing, embossing press, foil embossing, foil stamping, hand lever embossing machine, hand lever stamping machine, hydraulic embossing machine, ironing machines, pneumatic embossing machine, pneumatic stamping machine, stamping press, transfer application machine.


double tubular riveting machine, fasteners setting machine, shang riveting machine, tubular riveting machine.


eyelet setting machine, eyeleting machine, invisible eyeleting machine

Gluing or Cementing

bottom cementing, edge cementing, hot melt cementing, latex cementing, solvent based adhesive, spraying units, surface cementing machine , two component adhesives, universal cementing machine, water based adhesive.

shoe machinery

arbor press machine, back part moulding machines, blake sewing machine, blocking machine, blocking machines, boots forming machine, boots moulding machine, boots upper turning unit, bottom scouring machine, , box soles roughing, buckle attaching machine, buffing machine, cheatsetter, crimping machines, cutting dies forming unit, d-ring setting,  delasting unlasting machines, drum ironing machine, edge burning machine, edge marking unit, edge roughing machine, edge trimming machine, embossing, exhaustors, folding machine, grading machine, heat setter, heel covering machine, heel nailing machine, heel seat forming machine, hook setting machine, insole binding machine, insole covering machine, insole fixing machine, insole moulding press, insole taking machine, insole waist and seat trimming machine, ironing press, lacing machine, linear cement dryer and reactivating unit, lining beating machine, lining roughing machine, lining stamping, lining trimming machine, marking apparatus, mocassin moulding machine, notching machine ,numbering machine, ornament fixing, outsole stitcher, patter vice, pattern binding machine, pattern shear, perforating machine, pounding machines, punching machines, roll top line folding machine, rotary ironing, roughing machines, seam rubbing machine, seam rubbing and taping machines, seam trimming machine, seat and side lasting machine, seat lasting machine, setting machine, shank reducing machine, shank riveting machine, shoe quarter forming machine, side lasting machine, sock stamping, sock stamping machine, sole activating unit, sole copying milling machine, sole edge inking machine, sole edge notching machine, sole press , sole press with self adjusting pads , sole pretrimming machine, sole roughing machine , sole sewing machine, sole stamping, sole trimming machine , spraying cabine, spraying unit , stamping machine ,suction devices, tape cutter, tape suspender, taping machine, thermo cementing folding, throughfeed ironing machine, toe activating unit, toe lasting machine, toe moulding machine, toe puff applying unit, toe puff ironing, toe puff moulding unit, toe steaming unit, toes froming machine, trimming machine, turned shoes sewing machine, vulcanising press, walled sole presses, walled soles roughing, welt applying.

Leather goods Manufacturing

cardboard cutter ,edge colouring ,edge inking, edge marking, embossing, folding machine, folding press, foot lever setting, glazing machine, high frequenzy welding units, high post bed sewing machine, notch making machine, printing machine, profiles making, strap length cutting, tubing machines.

Belt Manufacturing

artificial leather rolls cutting machine, automatic belt sewing machine, belt cutting machine, belt length cutting, combined strap cutting and edge marking or embossing machine, double side egde inking machine, edge rounding machine, feather edge making, loop fastening machine, punching machine.

Shoe repairing Units

combined finishing units, heel breasters, patching sewing machine, polishing machine, sanding machines, sole presses, sole stiching.

We are dealing with the Machines from the following Manufacturers

Adler, Adrian&Busch, Albeko, Atom, Biedermann, Bima, Camoga, Ciucani, Colli, Comelz, Dürkopp Adler, DVSG, Fortuna, Guth, Hang Hanke,Hestika, Hohner, Jagenberg, Leibrock, Linham, ,Mec-Val, Moenus, Mohrbach, Müller & Kurth, Nova, Oversteeg, Pfaff, PMF ,Protos, Ring, Sagitta, Sandt, , Schäfer ,Schön & Sandt, Schön, ,Spang&Brands,Strobel, ,USM, WSK and more...

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