COMELZ Typ CT M single head multi purpose cutting island with conveyor belt cutting area (WxL) mm 1550 x 1000 maximum cutting speed 50 m/min - - acc. 1 g, maximum punching frequency 300 /min width 2220 depth 2780 heigth 1750 mm, CE and TÜV, brandnew

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COMELZ Typ CT M single head multi purpose cutting island

Single head - double mode

The innovative patented T-gantry structure (head on cantilever arm, sliding bridge and

conveyor belt) creates a large work area shared with the operator and free from  any   

support element, to work in two different operation modes:


with conveyor belt idle, thea head can operate over the entire nesting/cutting/

collecting common area (1m deep) always visible and accessible by the operator,

thanks to the suspended arm that keeps the sliding bridge beyond the work area in progress.


Moving the conveyor belt and collecting pieces on the back table you get the

simultaneity of the three operations of nesting, cutting and collecting, to optimize

productivity, according to the original concept of COMELZ cutting island.


CT/M integrates the best of Comelz technology for automatic cutting,

including: multiuse oscillating knife (electric or pneumatic), micro sector vacuum system,

laser projector, anti-reflextion LED lights and vision system (optional) for advanced functions.

Cutting area (WxL) mm  1550 x 1000 

maximum cutting speed - acc.  50 m/min - 1 g

maximum punching frequency  300 /min

air supply 180 l/min

weight 1700 KG

width 2220 depth 2780 heigth 1750 mm

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