COMELZ CZ PLUS L cutting surface 1850 mm cutting depth no limit, two cutting heads with each cutting speed 60m/min CE + TÜV brandnew

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S015 CZ PLUS  COMELZ CZ PLUS L the ultimate cutting machine

The CZ Plus series is the expression of Comelz goal to create flexible, versatile though high performing, technologically advanced and truly innovative cutting machines.

The CZ Plus series has been designed to improve production process of Shoe, Leather Goods, Automotive, Apparel and Furniture businesses.

The CZ Plus series can be configured for:

single ply synthetic/textile cutting

multi-ply synthetic/textile cutting (multi-ply spread or multi-roll)

leather cutting

vision assisted cutting/final trimming

The FFD is one of the innovative elements of the CZ Plus series.
The feeder is easily opened by one operator, designed to load textile and synthetic materials. Two practical clamps help the single operator to align and stabilize materials on the feeder, adding precision in cutting process.
Productivity is boosted: while the machine is cutting, new material is fed.
The feeder is completed by multi rolls supports, which allow the switch from multi plies to multi rolls feeding.
The Feeder can be easily folded, and works at its best for leather
cutting, both with manual or auto nesting (on-line/off-line).

A Front Active Screen automatically closes and opens in parallel with the operator’s activity; while cutting it’s closed, when the operator needs to work on the material, and approach it, it opens. While conveyor moves, it opens automatically.
The screen presses the material on the flat table, guaranteeing the stability of the material in the cutting area.
FAS assures low level of noise during operating activities, for the benefit of prolonged use.

The structure of new machines is stronger: the cutting speed gets to limit not possible before. Therefore, the performances are impressive.
Interlocking carriages bring the two cutting units to touch each other while cutting.
Machines are equipped with new generation heads. Double head support, new punching units.

As the FAS, RAS automatically closes during cutting activity, opens at machine idle or while the conveyor is moving and presses the material on the flat table, guaranteeing additional stability of the material in the cutting area.
The cutting area is now accessible from the “back” and well of course from the “front”.
Together with FAS, RAS gives additional stability while cutting, increasing the number of plies can be cut.
The thin frame of FAS and RAS screens, the brightness of glass screen, gives to the operator a close view of the inside of the cutting area.

With the CZ Plus series it is possible to have the most effective vision system that Comelz ever made in combination with the productivity of the double head machine. CZ Plus equipped with vision can cut textile/synthetic materials with drawings, logos, pre-printed images or roll of engineering mesh or similar. Final trim of pre-assembled parts can be also done.

Thanks to a symmetrical compact structure, even large hides can be easily loaded.

The entire hide can be reached and flattened by either the front (F) or the rear (R) of the machine.

Technical Data

cutting area CZ PLUS L   1850 x 840 mm

cutting speed 60 m/min each cutting head

maximum punching frequency 600 p/min

Width 3000 mm - depth 2870 mm


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