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All cutting systems are delivered with German machine guidance and German operating instructions. All machines comply with the CE and are TÜV tested and approved. We request your materials and in our laboratory and demonstration area, sample blanks are created for you. You can send us drawings in PDF or DXF, alternatively templates. After thousands of machines have already been delivered to highly renowned companies, there is an unmatched experience. 24 hour / 7 day service, 24 hour parts service are standard, especially for cutting and punching tools. Remote maintenance via internet connection is possible without any problems. Our maintenance team of mechanics trained in the factory is available to you all round.


All cutting systems are delivered with a briefing on site, the briefing takes about 1-2 days. There is a 100% vertical range of manufacture, i.e. all parts of the systems are 100% self-made, this even refers to the optical detection systems such as the cameras of the nesting units. All cutting systems can be precisely regulated in the depth of cut to achieve an effective cutting result, but at the same time as gently as possible with the cutting surfaces, i.e. fixed or movable to handle by conveyor belt. As a rule, the change intervals are approximately every 6-12 months and at very low costs in the amount of a low three-digit amount. The cutting surface and conveyor belt can be easily changed by inexperienced people. The optical marking on the tapes ensures a perfect position, we are talking about a dimension of 0.025 mm.


The reliable and non-slip adhesion of the materials on the cutting belt is guaranteed by an adjustable high-performance vacuum, which is arranged in sectors of 140 x 100 mm over the entire cutting surface. These sectors are activated parallel to the position of the cutting heads to ensure perfect adhesion in the active cutting environment. An effective nesting is possible with the NEK, in particular leather skins are divided into quality sectors and a rejection of the cut parts is avoided. With online nesting, you can note a reject part when removing the cut benefits and the machine immediately carries out a new calculation for the next skin so that the number of cuts fits together again. In addition, at the exit of the machine, a color-specific indexing of the parts can be generated by means of LED lighting, which enables the same parts to be stacked quickly. But even without automatic nesting, a quick positioning of cuts is possible, the intuitive function of the width-adjustable distance from one cut to the next is very nice. The units usually have a pneumatically driven cutting head, but we can also offer an electrically driven version, which is characterized by a very low noise level.

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