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With the electronic positioning device 220 V DC and 700 Watts you are able to sew stitch for stitch with the machine without using the hand pulley at the machine. It enables to sew also very slowly.

When you lift the foot of the motor pedal, the needle remains in the needle down position. 

This avoids that the material moves while you are sewing a corner for example.

When you push the pedal revers, than the needle lifts in the upper position, this enablesyou to release the sewing material. This type of motor will create 250,00 Euro additional costs  (unless there is already mentioned an electronic motor in the item)

While with an clutch motor 220V single phase or 380 V three phase 550 Watts you need feeling and the machine might start too fast (like a gear with clutch in the car). You are not able to stop the machine in position, therefore you have to turn the hand pulley from the machine.  These types of motors not creating additional costs.

We recommend the 220 V single phase electronic motor with 400 Watts - with this motor you can sew very slow while pushing the pedal a little (like an automatic gear in the car) - this motor will create 50,00 Euro extra costs

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